Netlist Status

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Generate a status report listing the current route length of each net in the PCB design.


Click the Outputs | Reports |  button on the Ribbon to generate a Netlist Status report.

When the button is clicked a HTML report is generated and opened in PCBWorks. The report will list each net, with the layer type it is routed on and the total route length. Note that the vertical distance traveled through vias is not included.

Click on a net name to cross probe to that net on the PCB, and set the units required using the Units option located in the heading fields at the top of the report.

A simple example of the Netlist Status report.

A report with details of the route lengths can also be generated from the PCB panel set to Nets mode - right-click and select Report from the context menu. This report will include all columns currently displayed in the panel, configure the columns as required via the right-click Columns sub-menu. The format of the report is set by clicking the Export button, then selecting the format in the Save as type dropdown.

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